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Nanofiltration equipment 1
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Nanofiltration equipment 1
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First, an overview of nanofiltration equipment

       Nanofiltration device (NF) ranging between reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration, the membrane separating the cortex surface generally has a separation of nano-porous structure, relative to the reverse osmosis membrane of the NaCl removal rate above 95%, generally Removal of the NaCl below 90% may be called the NF membrane.

Second, the characteristics of nanofiltration equipment

 ■ is the closure of the molecular weight of 100 orders of magnitude, the molecular size of about a nanometer or so of the dissolved component of water, glucose, sucrose and other small molecules with a certain degree of separation of the role of organic matter

 ■ is the charge of feed water, ion valence and concentration on the separation effect of nanofiltration great.
Third, the application of nanofiltration equipment
◎ softened water treatment
     Of the brackish water softening, desalination is the largest market for nanofiltration applications.
◎ removal of harmful substances in drinking water
     Mainly through the conventional drinking water treatment flocculation, sedimentation, sand filtration and chlorination to remove the water of suspended matter and bacteria, while the removal of various chemicals in the role of soluble low. Nanofiltration can be used for removal of river water and groundwater containing intermediates of THMs THM (chlorine disinfection by-product as a carcinogen), low molecular weight organic compounds, pesticides, odor substances, nitrate, sulfate, fluoride, boron, arsenic and other harmful substances.
◎ water, waste water treatment.
◎ food, beverage, pharmaceutical industry
Various proteins, amino acids, vitamins, milk, wine, soy sauce, seasonings and other concentrated, refined.
◎ Chemical processes in aqueous solution concentration, separation.

4, application
◇ softening hard water treatment
◇ food, beverage, dairy, bio-medicine industry concentration. ◇ concentrated aqueous solution of chemical separation process

◇ wastewater, water reuse treatment of industrial organic dyeing wastewater treatment ◇

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