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Quartz sand
Quartz sand
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【Description:】 quartz sand filter material is made from natural quartz ore for raw material, crushing, washing, screening and other processed, is the most widely used water treatment industry, water purification materials. No impurities, compression wear, high mechanical strength, chemical stability, containing sewage capacity, high efficiency, long life cycle.
First, an overview of quartz sand filter
Sand filters, using a quartz sand filler as the filter filter, the filter and filter with double effect absorption, so more conducive to the removal of impurities in water. The large surface area also, filtration resistance, good anti-pollution, acid and alkali and strong advantages, the unique advantages of sand filters is also optimized the design of filter and filter, a filter of self-realization adaptation operation, filter the raw water concentration, operating conditions, such as pretreatment technology is highly adaptive, that is, when the filter in the filter bed under the automatic formation of Shang Shu dense state help in a variety of operating conditions to ensure water quality, anti- When fully dispersed filter washing, cleaning effective. Sand filters can effectively remove the water, suspended solids, organic matter and water, pesticides, colloids, iron, manganese, bacteria, viruses, removal of pollutants has obvious effect. And have the filtration speed, high filtration precision interception in the advantages of large capacity.

Widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electronics, textiles, paper, food, drinks, water, swimming pools, municipal engineering and other process water, water cycle, the depth of water and wastewater processing.
Second, quartz sand filter works
Quartz sand filter is to use one or several filter media, a certain pressure, so liquid through the media contact flocculation, adsorption, retention, removal of impurities, so as to achieve the purpose of filtering. The contents of the filler is generally: quartz sand, anthracite, porous ceramic particles, manganese sand, the user can choose according to the actual situation. Accuracy of its filter between the 0.005-0.01m, which can effectively remove colloid particles and organic polymer; room temperature operation, acid-alkali, oxidation, PH range 2-13 application. Complete protection system configuration and monitoring instruments, and has a backwash function, Nigou other pollutants being washed away very quickly, consume less water, according to user requirements can be set to automatic functions

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