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About Us

Services Overview

Service concept
Since the venture began, the company has been adhering to the "technology-based market to win the trust service" business philosophy, as always, the spirit of "simple, practical and efficient" development concept, and constantly design features a more advanced, more productive equipment, providing customers with the most useful products and best service. My company has always been "Our success is the user's success" for the purpose, to provide users with long-term services. We would like to do with our customers long-term, partnership-based cooperation, customer success is our success, "through thick and thin, win-win cooperation" will be our long-term technical support purposes.
Service is a culture. In our view, the service not only represents a system of procedures, it has been integrated into corporate culture, and for all staff to accept and practice.
Services from the users. We continue to provide high-quality, efficient service and additional services through self-paid service hematopoietic system, improving service quality, while seeking services to improve the way content and services, so that they benefit from the best.
We offer standard, professional and diversified product service. Representatives of service specification standard, professional representative of the quality of services, diversified services on behalf of, the product of different services on behalf of quality and value, as measured by customer satisfaction. 

Service Tenet
Our company will provide quality service, we promise:
To provide sustainable, efficient, fast service, building services brands.
Establish a sound service system, to provide specialized, standardized, diversified product service.
Establish a user-centric way to user satisfaction as a yardstick to measure all the work.  

Service system

In the pre-sales stage, by the Marketing Department is responsible for customer service requests for response and implementation.
stage in the sale, by the project to respond to customer service requests and implementation. Project Manager as the first responsible, the speed and quality of service for response.
In the after-sale phase, the project implementation department commitment to customer service requests and the realization of the response. Department head as the first responsible, the speed and quality of service for response.
through QA on the user's return visit, service card, call the customer complaint calls and so on, by the user of the service evaluation process. Quality Assurance Department to track the quality of service verification.  

Service and Support
Pre-sale services
The spirit of "quality as Pioneer, backed by service" concept, based on customer comments and requests made to conduct a comprehensive analysis, the fastest design a complete program and recommend it to the actual needs of our customers the most suitable product, and let customers know the performance characteristics of the selected products.
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Contact: Mr. Liu

Sales service
Awareness of the services are professional services team will be ongoing contact with customers, so customers know exactly the equipment to complete the progress. In addition, the company strictly in accordance with the terms of the contract of Youguan provisions of the production, delivery, ensure that equipment intact, and the provisions of the Shi Jian in an appropriate way within the site to customers Yaoqiu. 

After-sales service
We make every effort to provide both a product suited to your needs, pay more attention to the implementation of "user satisfaction" as the standard full-service, project delivery is only the beginning of our service, all operators in terms of user training and resolution of production All encountered technical problems and equipment failures, will be the core of our service.
       Meanwhile, the customer first is our eternal purpose. Persistent innovation, strict quality control, professional services and customer-oriented marketing philosophy, are based on the principle of maximizing customer benefits commenced.
     1) The company provides equipment for one year free warranty, the warranty period, that where a company designs, manufactures, equipment and materials, installation and commissioning of equipment causes damage or failure by the company to free repair or replacement. The warranty expires, still provide lifelong and quality of maintenance services.
     2) reverse osmosis and EDI systems cleaning equipment technical services.
3) Provide technical guidance for life system provides free technical advice and technical services.
     4) Monthly operating records to track equipment, monitoring system operating conditions in order to promptly identify problems and ensure long-term security and stability of the system running.
     5) For the customer, we guarantee that within 24 hours to give a clear answer, if necessary, to ensure users within the specified time rushed to the scene to service. 
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